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Hi, I’m Katelyn…

I’m a passionate corporate responsibility professional with 10 years of program management expertise in environmental and social impact. Originally, I’m from New Jersey, and more recently I moved from northeast Florida to Los Angeles County, California.

I personally value being able to see the impact of your work, and my goal is to align with companies that are just as driven to create cultural change as I am. What makes my skill set unique is my cohesion of sustainability and communications. These cross-functional backgrounds have enabled me to develop and launch programs, as well as be a leader in engagement and outreach.

Outside of my work, I’m a pet-mom to five fur-babies and a turtle, a human that loves beachcombing and a former yoga instructor. In my free time, I love to read and travel.

Sustainability Director/Owner | Positive Impact Solutions

With me on your team, you’ll receive strategic management and innovative strategies that will drive immediate economic and environmental value.

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My Expertise

  • Develop sustainability strategies with robust data collection and reporting systems.

  • Create transparency within the supply chain and analyze social and environmental performance for continuous improvement.

  • Streamline vendor onboarding, assessments, and certifications to uphold social compliance.

  • Implement energy-efficient and renewable solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Set criteria to trace sustainable materials integrated in products and packaging.

  • Build targeted employee engagement programs to enhance company culture.

  • Simplify and communicate complex concepts for broader understanding.

  • Strengthen partnerships with industry wide organizations, global stakeholders and the vendor community.


  • Developed company Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Program from the ground up that is now compromised of 25+ multi-faceted projects, across 10 key sustainability concentrations.

  • Established a Social Program with 50+ vendors and 100+ supply chain facilities to maintain social compliance in human rights, health and safety, including creating a culture of continuous improvement and transparency throughout the company's supply chain.

  • Built the foundation for data collection, reporting structure and analysis for climate emission reductions, supply chain social and ecological performance, and sustainable material integration.

  • Integrated sustainable materials into 25% of product, 100% of packaging and 100% of catalog paper.
  • Shifted 98% of inbound procurement from air to sea-freight, resulting in an 80% reduction in annual carbon emissions from shipping.

  • Reached over 1,000 customers in sustainability surveys to assess interest and drive initiatives.

  • Cultivated several philanthropic partnerships to give back to the community and meet strategic goals.

  • Launched an engagement program for 500+ employees, including company-wide communication strategy to enhance and evolve company culture.

  • Designed and executed comprehensive standard operating procedures and training to internal cross-functional partners, onboarding new employees and external stakeholders for company CR Program.
Quotation Mark

One of her most noteworthy qualities is her ability to think strategically and manage complex initiatives efficiently.

Her energy and commitment have been critical to our work.

Through her guidance we were able to improve the appearance, clarity, and impact of our products.

– Amanda Germano

VENUS Fashion

– Nicholas Angarone

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

– Rebecca Hill

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

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