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Positive Impact Solutions provides sustainability consulting services to help businesses grown responsibly while deepening their company’s commitments to people and the planet.


Strategy and Planning

Program and Project Management

Reporting and Insights

ESG Analysis

Decarbonization Solutions

Supply Chain Management and Improvement

Human Rights and Labor Relations

Sustainable Product and Packaging

Product Traceability

Circular Solutions

Life Cycle Assessments

Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Green Buildings

Customer Journey and Brand


Strategy and Planning

Outreach and Engagement Programs

Content Creation

Messaging and Campaigns

Digital Media Management

Web Development


Strategic and Stakeholder Partnerships

Philanthropic Relationships

Mentoring and Training

Wellness Programs

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practices

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  • Developed company Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Program from the ground up that is now compromised of 25+ multi-faceted projects, across 10 key sustainability concentrations.

  • Established a Social Program with 50+ vendors and 100+ supply chain facilities to maintain social compliance in human rights, health and safety, including creating a culture of continuous improvement and transparency throughout the company's supply chain.

  • Built the foundation for data collection, reporting structure and analysis for climate emission reductions, supply chain social and ecological performance, and sustainable material integration.

  • Integrated sustainable materials into 25% of product, 100% of packaging and 100% of catalog paper.

  • Reached 65% decrease in emissions through HVAC and lighting improvements, both compared to base year, 2018.

  • Collaborated with Facilities to enhance irrigation systems, which led to a mitigation of 660,000 gallons of irrigation water.
  • Shifted 98% of inbound

  • Reached over 1,000 customers in sustainability surveys to assess interest and drive initiatives.

  • Cultivated several philanthropic partnerships to give back to the community and meet strategic goals.

  • Launched an engagement program for 500+ employees, including company-wide communication strategy to enhance and evolve company culture.

  • Designed and executed comprehensive standard operating procedures and training to internal cross-functional partners, onboarding new employees and external stakeholders for company CR Program.

  • Achieved the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® building certification with a score of 98.

  • Established and facilitated company-wide Sustainability Committee with 30+ employees across several departments.

procurement from air to

sea-freight, resulting in an

80% reduction in annual

carbon emissions from shipping.

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